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Getting Paint to Paint My First Home!

I am starting this Blog as a way to document my life as a first time home owner! My first post was something that I wanted to throw out there and to get out of the way! LOL, #finances and #mortgages are not the most fun part of any ones life.

This section of my Blog is a little bit more on the fun side of home ownership and is really about how to make a house or an apartment a #Home. I know, I know, I know... corny right!

LuluBell running through her new home

As a first time home owner, and someone who has always had friends and family to rely on, I think that it is really important to try to get as much as I can documented. Sharing my experiences, my fails, my successes, my woes and my joy, with you so that everyone can #learn from my mistakes:)

I am no #marthastewart but certainly I can try. LOL so thank you for joining me as I start my Journey and take you through everything!

My first project is #PAINT.

"What Color Should I Choose?"

As you can tell from the first picture, at first glance the color doesn't look too bad. on closer inspection however it looks like someone was a too little happy while watching #BobRoss and made too many happy little patches on my wall!

In all fairness, it really isn't too bad. But it really does need to go! But what color? I searched through many apps and #pinterest to find my perfect color and finally found the one!

Arctic Blue by Glidden was the perfect color! So I waited until Labor day, as an #accountant I do love a #sale, and was all set to buy it. What went wrong you ask? Well the color that was on the paint chip at #homedepot was not the color represented in the app.

The apps are really not that great for a true color representation. And I am really picky about color. Think Myrna Loy from Mister Blandings Builds his Dream Home, picky (I added the clip if you would like a good laugh, #TCM plays it occasionally so keep an eye out!) In the end I search through the paint chips for about an hour and found the one! #Behr #GreekIsle it is just about the right color!

I had made measurements of rooms and the attendant at #homedepot helped me through figuring out how much and what type and quality I needed!

I am super excited to get painting this week end and am ready to go! Let me know what questions you have as I go through the process I will try answer all your question!

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