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Cleaning my Walls and Prepping for Paint

I started preparing for paint!

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought paint! Lots of #paint. LOL! To be honest I was all gun-ho to #start. I bought #brushes and #primer and everything I needed... except for the fact that I needed to prepare my walls!

Backstory time:) my #house is from 1931, the walls are quirky, to say the least. I know it seems a little silly to be blogging about. But really, what do I need to actually #clean my old paint drenched walls.

Well, the answer is apparently #TSP, otherwise known as trisodium phosphate. This stuff is the #bomb, LOL. It was easy to mix up and #easy to use. I bought 2 mops from the #dollar store and mopped away!

My sister helping me mop my dinning room walls

I added 1/2 cup of the TSP to 2 gallons of hot water!

All and all it cost about $6. ($4 for a box of TSP + $2 for mops = $6 worth of paint ready walls! )

Prep time was about an hour per room:) This included washing it twice with the TSP solution and then mopping it with plain hot water. And is so worth it. A degreaser, cleaner and deglosser, all in one! I am letting it dry overnight before I actually start the painting! More progress to come soon.

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